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Cuomo, De Blasio and the “Uninformed” Mr. Radzinsky



Those who had a DEMOCRAT governor and mayor who paid no attention to the Chinese plague were the citizens of New York, the state most affected by the coronavirus

Privileged leftists all have the same pattern of intellectual and moral dishonesty that consists precisely in standing up as intellectual and moral pontiffs and banding with each other for ideological reasons. A certain Mr. Radzinsky tweets: “The United States exceeds 20 000 deaths from COVID-19 (approx. 19% of registered deaths worldwide) and on the rise. They have hundreds of equipped hospitals and excellent research centers, but also a president who mocked the disease just a month ago”.

It is true that Trump relativized the importance of a virus that had not yet reached the United States at a political rally. According to Catherine Triomphe (AFP), there are almost 160 00 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in New York State, more than in any country in the world, and nearly 8000 deaths. In other words, New York is the primary focus of the coronavirus across the United States. What Mr. Radzinsky does not say – if we want to talk about big-mouths, he would be right in line with Trump – is that New York State is governed by the Democrat Andrew Cuomo and New York City is led by Bill de Blasio, two quirky characters each striving to be more “progressive” than the other.

Catherine Triomphe affirms in her chronicle that “…on March 2nd the first case was confirmed in New York and the next day, when another one was detected in New Rochelle, in the suburbs Governor Cuomo affirmed [like Mr. Radzinsky] that the city has “The best health care system on the planet”. “We don’t think the situation here can be as bad as in other countries,” he said at that time.

After much hesitation, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the closure of public schools, bars, and restaurants on March 16. The governor decreed the confinement and closure of all non-essential activities a week later: March 22.

The dates say it all. The people who had a governor and a mayor who did not give any importance to the Chinese plague were the constituents under the Democrats Cuomo and De Blasio. The mayor reacted only after 14 days from the appearance of case zero in NYC, and the governor took 20 days to react. It was in this timeframe in which New York City was infected until reaching 8000 deceased, people who today can no longer hear the reassuring words of hope by the Democratic Governor and the Democratic Mayor, who has just suspended public education until June.

And Trump? The WHO only declared the coronavirus a pandemic on March 11, two and a half months after China revealed the existence of a concentration of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, Hubei province on December 31, 2019.

The WHO itself has made a chronology of its actions in the face of totally valid criticism from the United States and Trump. How could they not? “On January 10th, the WHO releases a technical guide, aimed at the organization’s 194 member states, on how to detect, test and manage potential cases. At that time, the scientific data points to “a null or limited human-to-human transmission.” That is, TEN DAYS after China’s official announcement of the existence of the coronavirus, the WHO said there was no danger of human-to-human transmission!

It wasn’t until “on January 22, they confirm the transmission between humans in Wuhan, if there is close contact, such as within a family unit and within the framework of medical care, although they clarify that ‘more research is needed to understand the complete mechanism of this transmission. ‘” At the insistence of several expert voices on epidemics that the new virus declares a pandemic, the WHO refuses and only proposes “on January 30 that the new coronavirus epidemic is a public health emergency of international scope ‘”. Only “on March 11, the WHO declares the pandemic despite the fact that, it underlines, ‘90% of cases have been registered in only four countries, 81 countries have not registered any cases and 57 countries have detected 10 cases or less’.”

In other words, it is the WHO itself that downplays the declaration of a pandemic itself. Is Trump right or wrong to criticize the WHO as the great international entity responsible for not giving this tragedy the importance it deserved? And if the WHO itself did not do it, how could Trump be asked to give it the importance that the WHO itself did not? On the contrary, Trump, ignoring the WHO recommendation that it was unnecessary to interrupt air contact with China, ordered the same day the closure of air travel with that country and then with all European countries except Great Britain.

NBC has just said that China deceived the world with the data of the new virus, and that they knew of its existence since November 2019. It also disrupts the thesis of the leftist newspapers New York Times and Washington Post that Trump should have known of the danger that hovered over the United States through intelligence reports from the United States Army on the virus, given the implications it could have on its military forces stationed in Asia. The truth is that if the WHO had not said anything before those intelligence reports, neither Trump nor any other president of the world had to foresee the coming catastrophe.

In other words, the argument of the NYT and the WP is fallacious, as well as that of the privileged liberal who blames Trump for a tragedy whose responsibility belongs to the WHO in the world and of the Democrats Cuomo and De Blasio in New York. As for Mr. Radzinsky, who pontificates from the tweet against “those who criticize and do not add up” with reference to public health policies and President Vizcarra of Peru’s measures, a little more information and less politicking would not be amiss.

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